Our Story & Values

We founded Ravelheart on belief in the resilience and ingenuity of people.


Our founder Kami Orthmann sources ideas for the Ravelheart collections during her frequent travels to Europe and Asia. Inspiration is everywhere! Architecture and art. Culture and local customs. But most of all, from meeting people from all walks of life: lessons of friendship from around the world.


Kami works directly with master craftspeople in India—successful partnerships many years in the making. A hands-on approach at all stages of manufacturing yields inventive and truly original solutions.


Our design studio is in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. Ravelheart is a nonhierarchical organization. Seriously. No one has a title. We’ve eliminated most traditional “middle management” positions to allow for greater transparency and, therefore, innovation.


An attention to detail defines the Ravelheart brand. We believe that the best clothes are designed to last as well as made to last. This requires an uncompromising commitment to timeless design and high-quality materials and fabrication.